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Meta-Movies Here to Stay?

January 25, 2008

  While many have justly pegged a good deal of Cloverfield‘s success is taken straight from the Blair Witch marketing handbook, the fact remains that Web 2.0 helped matters accelerate more so than the first time around. What this translates into is that while there were multiple sites and Facebook entries, nobody was trying to […]


December 2, 2007

With the Internet slowly taking over as the media delivery channel for everything; is there still room for magazines? You certainly can make that case if you go into a bookstore. The magazine racks are shrinking. The same diversity is represented in what is displayed. (And in some stores it has actually increased.) However, the […]


November 14, 2007

Everybody by now knows that the WGA is on strike. The most immediate effect is being felt by television programs. They’re a little more locked into a production cycle so they couldn’t bank material the way the film industry has. (Which just means that 30% of the films will be total crap insteady of kinda […]