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The Batman Cops An Attitude…

November 26, 2009

Batman RIP?

November 22, 2008

Maybe when it’s all said and done this is where Grant Morrison will end up on Batman. Consider what’s going on with Cartoon Network’s Brave & the Bold toon and it suddenly doesn’t sound so far fetched.

McCain Remixed…

September 20, 2008

Here’s more McCain photos redone with Dark Knight captions. (The graphic novel, not the movie.)

The Dark Knight Returns

June 12, 2008

Just What Gotham City Needs…

March 2, 2008

Perhaps in the seedier areas downtown and definitely next to Police HQ.

New Marketing Gimick for Warner Bros.!

February 3, 2008

As I mentioned before; the untimely death of Heath Ledger has left Warner Bros. in a bit of a quandry as to their marketing strategy on The Dark Knight. (It was very Joker-centric if haven’t been paying attention.) Here’s my ready made solution. No need to thank me WB.


December 27, 2007

When I say Frankenstein what I’m really inferring is monster. For what else is the action hero but a kind of monster that is trotted out to battle other monsters? Think about it; the rest of the time the action hero is berated by his superiors, barely tolerated by his fellows and considered an outcast […]


November 14, 2007

Bits on Bits… I know that there’s a lot of views about getting comics via bit torrent. Some justify it by saying that they’re using it to sample things and expand their horizons on what they will (eventually) end up buying. Others just call it stealing not matter what. I’m not here to judge, but […]