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Newsstands in the 70’s as art school

October 8, 2010

For me, the 60’s was an introduction to illustration and solidifying a foundation for drawing. I was at the perfect age to get swept up in the pop culture of the time. Bat-mania, Bond-mania, hot rods, surfers, creature features, the british invasion and California’s musical response to it. I was part of that baby-boomer bunch that assimilated all media (that was available at the time) and processed it by thinking that everyone should be able to contribute to it.

Hollywood Screws Up Animation as Easily as Everything Else.

September 20, 2010

Big name celebrities voicing the characters is a waste of money.

When Is Bubblegum Held to Caviar Standards?

June 12, 2010

Whatever. You know if you want to see it, even if it’s because this is one of the worse summers in film history and you’re bored to tears with nothing else to see.

Television and Comics Now Share Same Crappy Writing Tendencies

June 12, 2010

Chuck has something of a niche audience, but performs rather well in the season DVD box set section of your favorite retailers. With that in mind, this season had a long and torturous road to the conclusion of the original 13 episode order. Soap opera tropes a plenty and episodes went by where you didn’t feel any of the main characters were going anywhere except for a centrifuge. (Round and round with vaguely unhappy endings set to some maudlin pop song.)

Show Fox News And Self-Centered, Self-Serving Politicos What You Think

January 2, 2010

Apply this where needed, regardless if it’s the government, the media or your personal life.

TV Smart Guys Should Be Written By The Same…

June 3, 2009

So really, if you’re not prepared to do the research of at least Burn Notice level, then don’t make your characters some kind of borderline geniuses.

Niche Shows on TV Majors Struggle to Survive

May 4, 2009

The majors always build up ones hopes by greenlighting niche programs. They want that bunch of desertees to come back. But their profit margins are too high for these kind of shows. So, they usually die too soon and take our hopes of good television with them.

Hollywood Has Become Lazy Town

February 11, 2009

Then I saw Taken at the cinema and realized just how bad our entertainment values have slipped. We’re all in Lazy Town from that perspective. Taken offers nothing new. Not even a spin on traditional formulas.

GOP Reference Sheet

November 22, 2008

Perhaps the next time someone from the GOP wants to try to smear a political opponent they might want to consult this handy dandy chart. It’s illustrated in a way to make it easy for anyone to understand, even politicians.

Options For Today’s Economy

November 22, 2008

Yes, this is what everyone’s day feels like. Especially after listening to anyone from Washington weigh in on how much money we have to give businesses that already have all of the money.