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When Is Bubblegum Held to Caviar Standards?

I’m not sure what critics were expecting from a film of The A-Team. Apparently some went in thinking it was The Thin Red Line or something. The reviews that bash it hold it up to a standard that nobody in the audience is expecting.

It’s the A-Team on a summer movie budget. Bigger explosions and better fights. Were they expecting a dissertation on violence in the cinema? Were they pissed because Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley carry the thing more so than anyone else?

Whatever. You know if you want to see it, even if it’s because this is one of the worse summers in film history and you’re bored to tears with nothing else to see.

A-Team 2010

Does this look like a deep film to you?

2 Responses to “When Is Bubblegum Held to Caviar Standards?”

  1. I’m never THAT bored.

  2. Exactamundo! What were people thinking? Did B.A. Barracus aka Mr. T scream consummate acting back in the 80’s? Hellz No! You wanted to see him kick some ass and get knocked on the fuckin head when they wanted to sneak him on a plane or a helicopter and although I wanted someone with a better build to play him, I thought Rampage was sufficient. Face was irritating which Bradley Cooper does very well and Murdock was a fuckin kook like Sharlto Copley conveyed!

    It’s like getting buying dirt cheap art at the swap meet and expecting a Picasso!

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