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Score One For Donald…

June 29, 2010

When Is Bubblegum Held to Caviar Standards?

June 12, 2010

Whatever. You know if you want to see it, even if it’s because this is one of the worse summers in film history and you’re bored to tears with nothing else to see.

There are Some Worse Things Than a Golddigger…

June 12, 2010

Television and Comics Now Share Same Crappy Writing Tendencies

June 12, 2010

Chuck has something of a niche audience, but performs rather well in the season DVD box set section of your favorite retailers. With that in mind, this season had a long and torturous road to the conclusion of the original 13 episode order. Soap opera tropes a plenty and episodes went by where you didn’t feel any of the main characters were going anywhere except for a centrifuge. (Round and round with vaguely unhappy endings set to some maudlin pop song.)

Some People Are Two Faced?…

June 12, 2010