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When Directors Believe Their Own Hype…(Tarantino & Cameron, Listen Up)

Quentin Tarantino just had a good weekend (for him anyway) at the boxoffice with his new film Inglorious Basterds. I don’t know that it’s going to do enough business in the long run to help out his longtime co-distributor The Weinstein Company, but that’s another story.

I found the film entertaining but not the ‘masterpiece’ that some critics were going on about. (Those that reviwed it positively as it were.) That would be because Tarantino would just not shut up about how great this was going to be for years and years. Admittedly, you have to have a big ego to be a director or any type of successful creative person, but temper things. Tarantino originally was throwing around action star names like Stallone and Schwartzenegger with a well rounded list of B-Stars for support. Even back then this was hooey. He just doesn’t have to clout to pull off a picture with that kind of budget. (On the other hand, look at Stallone doing exactly that right now with his forthcoming film The Expendables.) As the years went on you would have thought he would have lowered expectations some, but I imagine he thought his approach to the WWII experience was going to carry things. (Along with, what?, two weeks of Brad Pitt and his buddy Eli Roth hamming it up.)

It is with this in mind that I take a look at another filmic wunderkind, James Cameron. Film Geeks have been hearing about Avatar for far too long now. Supposedly we had to wait to technology to catch up to Cameron’s vision. (3D at that.) So when the trailer finally hits it’s half live action and half…video game??? Not what we expected from the self proclaimed savior of film. Oh, yeah, there’s kind of a story there too. It’s been described as Dances With Wolves for SF. (Shudder!!!) So, again. Dial down the hype. (Except in his case he can’t. There’s waaaaay too much money riding on this. He’s got to deliver, so the hype is in overdrive.)

I think we’re better served with, say, a Soderberg, who has is fingers in many different projects and stays constantly busy than these overly gestated projects that fall under their own weight.

2 Responses to “When Directors Believe Their Own Hype…(Tarantino & Cameron, Listen Up)”

  1. Well, Brad… we all know Tarantino won’t shut up about anything! Seriously!

    • He’s already fanning the flames for Kill Bill 3 and by his own admission it’s years away. The backlash on things wouldn’t be nearly so bad if he could keep his ego and mouth in check. Of course it could be much worse and he could be in Diablo Cody territory.

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