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A Balance of Fluid and Tight Rendering…

At The Rock

At The Rock

Watercolor and PrismaColor pencil on bristol board. I should do more of this. It’s my take on a technique Bob Peak would do to much success. (Only he used a watercolor board and brought pastel to bear on the painting instead.) It’s difficult to know where to stop with the details and not over render, thereby letting the looseness escape.

2 Responses to “A Balance of Fluid and Tight Rendering…”

  1. That’s awesome, Brad. Please wake me out of my non-drawing stupor!

    • You can do it. You’ve gotta have more time to devote than I do. (Ha!) Seriously, with your talent it would be a shame to not apply yourself. Even if it’s just a sketchbook you take around with you. (Looks cool in the coffee shops. Maybe hook up some hottie as your muse/model.)

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