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Heavy Metal The Big Theme For This Summer’s Movies

So, usually Film Critics will have something about how Film reflects our times. So let’s see: We have a new President. He was apparently elected by popular vote despite being Black because he wasn’t an idiot. (Yeah, I know. Don’t tell me that race as an issue is dead just because of this. I wish it was, but no.) He inherited an assload of problems with the tops being a colapsing economy and a fucked up war. Oh, and the Republicans have their tit in a wringer over anything he does even though the majority of this crap was brought on by them.

How does Hollywood react to this? (Especially given that the job situation for many Americans is not rosy, so who is spending money at the movies?) A lot of summer blockbusters are in to metal. Wolverine has his skeleton laced with it. Splendiferous money shots of the Enterprise and other space vessels occupy a lot of Star Trek. The Transformers are back blowing the shit out of everything. Terminators are freakin’ everywhere after the big one. (Those two make Metal actual story elements.)

Is the hidden message that we need to get off our butts and manufacture stuff? Americans need to take control of production again and quit outsourceing things. (Even if those things turn around and want to kill us later?) I’m not sure. Steven Colbert probably knows but isn’t telling. (Yet)

But, there’s a definite theme running through a lot this summer and it can’t be coincidence. (Then again, Hollywood is not exactly known for independent creativity. Especially when scripts get around whether they’re spec or not.)

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