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Music Makes The World Go Around?

The music industry is constantly having its death knell sounded. Mostly this is because it relies on outdated business plans and methods. Thats not even taking into account the RIAA and DRM which both fly in the face of embracing the new technological model.

However, there are some players in the entertainment industry that seem to be lining up to take advantage of some sort of music industry windfall. The William Morris Agency and some other reps have recently formed specific music-centric branches. That would indicate that there’s money to made somewhere right?

Enter YouTube. But, you say, YouTube would be one of those sites that get more attention from music companies asking for content to be taken down than anything else. No, apparently YouTube is being used by some artists as a method to promote. Songs go up with little video content. Maybe just a still of the artist. Response has been very positive in the community there. Even more impressive is that some artists are OK with fan made videos accompanying their music. This can be anthing from a series of stills to actual video. This is the sort of social interaction that has worked so well on blogs and Social Networks. It is precisely the thing to get people interested in an artist; because now they are actually contributing and can show their work off. If the legal eagles can stop looking at the losing tact of fining people and get behind a more viral and long tail strategy* then the industry could turn around on a dime. (Of course it would help if CDs had more than one good tune on it for radio play.)

*The long tail strategy would be to use an artists backlog library to do the same with, as the new material. If you entice someone by customizing a new song then you further the relationship by offering catalog material to do the same with. Or, you offer another artist of a similar bend. (This is the strategy behind internet radio stations like Slacker and Pandora.)

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