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VP Candidate Palin Is A Double Edged Sword

Bikini Palin

Bikini Palin

OK, admit that you did a double-take of this admittedly fake photo. With everything that’s slowly coming out about McCain’s running mate you could hardly be thought entirely gullible to believe this is legit.

So, nobody is picking on her because she’s a woman and happens to be VPilf-licous. They’re doing the same things that Obama and McCain go through. The problem is that the RNC likes to sling the mud, doesn’t want any coming their way. Hypocrites much? Dems seem to think taking the high road and not nailing their opponents on lies and back door dealings or soft peddling it at best will prove effective. Sorry, middle America is purely used to these high school campaign popularity contests now.

Why do you think all the genuflection towards religion takes place to begin with? And so that brings us to Palin. She’s easily as dim (What exactly does the VP do?) and as big a wingnut as the current JizzMonkey in the Oval Office is. The RNC just thought by pinning that stuff on a skirt that Hillary’s followers would blindly come over. The sad thing is that for all that Hillary may have stood for, which Palin doesn’t, the tactic may somewhat work. The lowest common denominator keeps getting lower (No child left behind?) and these RNC campaigns manage to get people goosestepping to their tune. So yes, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be suprised if a photo like this did show up to be legit. It would play right into a certain mindset of some voters. I could see them tacking a big poster of this up in their garages, smiling as the party that does no favor for the common man, sold them another bottle of snake oil.

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