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Goodreads: A Social Network Based On Reading Tastes

Goodreads is a social network where you compare and review what you’ve read. It’s a great way to broaden your reading horizons with folks you trust or who seem to have the same reading tastes as you do. People that don’t especially feel at home at other social networks (Yes, if you’re older than a teenager, you may not spend all of you time online, texting or twitting. If you’re on a business networking site, maybe you’re tired of giving out free advice to folks overseas, students too lazy to do their own work or businesses too cheap to pay for consultants.) may find Goodreads a welcome haven.

The site also allows you to post writings. (Chapter by chapter if you desire.) I’m all for anything that keeps people reading and writing. I don’t necessarily think that the Internet is detrimental to that. Things like Kindle will help with the integration. So go ahead and share your experiences with a good book. (Or a bad one even, to spare the rest of us.)

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