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Food Network’s Marketing Cuts Off Nose To Spite Face

It’s easy to see why people (even business people) get confused over marketing and what it does. Let’s take how marketing people are depicted on, oh let us say, a basic cable food program.

The VP of Marketing as depicted on The Next Food Network Star doesn’t come off all that well in this year’s finale. (Or for most of the rest of these episodes for the years that this has been going on.)

When presented with a show that brings the network’a website and viewers into play by contestant Adam, she passes. She essentially says she doesn’t want Facebook TV for the food crowd. That is what the show had the potential to be.

Most of the shows on the network are dull and that’s because the are studio bound with no audience. All of their breakout talent (Except for Alton Brown who is creative enough and has control over his show in
order to make it entertaining.) found their popularity by breaking out and interacting with the public.

Andy’s show would have found a way around that by taking problems or suggestions from viewers/web visitors via the website and acted on them. Add in a webcam for face to face interaction and you have a studio entity that doesn’t need an audience while driving traffic to the website.

Don’t tell me that the guy needed more food experience. This is a network that touts Sandra Lee and made a crossover star out of Rachel Ray. They can help him along. He’s the first guy to actually think about his
show when pitching it. They need that kind of person working for them. (As we can see the big ideas are not coming from the VP of Marketing.)

They could use another real winner from this show to step up and be noticed. Don’t you think it’s odd that only Guy Fierri has made an impact on the network out of all of the winners so far?

That’s marketing. Even with a great personality Guy had to get out of the kitchen to make an impact. If marketing cannot bring real synergy to the table by integrating the web and starting to create truly
interactive programming, then it is not doing the job it is supposed to. (I guarantee that Food TV’s partner CBS is working on it.)

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