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Art Is What You Decide It Is

Here are some samples of art from sources that were previously thought of as pedestrian. The first is micro illustrations on matchbook interiors courtesy of Jason D’Aquino. The second are large drawing done with a common ballpoint pen from the talented hand of Juan Francisco Casas. The last is Scott Wade working on the windshields of dirty cars. And to think all of their parents used to think that doodling in class was a waste of time!

2 Responses to “Art Is What You Decide It Is”

  1. Well … would a nice set of hooters be considered ART ? If so them im a art lover !! loll

  2. Apparently, you’re not the only one. I’m pretty sure the most ancient sculptures were fertilty idols and they fetishized the sexuality of women. (So yeah, big hoots and big rear end to add symetry.)

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