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Diablo Cody’s “Body” Needs Work

Where you just a bit taken aback last week when nude pictures of Megan Fox from the upcoming film Jennifer’s Body showed up on the Web? Not only did they show up, but they weren’t taken down. This from an industry that can’t let unflattering wardrobe test shots of the babes from Frank Miller’s take on Will Eisner’s The Spirit last longer than an hour or two.

Like most red-blooded males, I’m more than happy that Ms. Fox has decided to cavort sans wardrobe on film. If that’s your only hook for the film though, I could have saved the studio tons of money and made the ROI almost instantaneous. Skip the script and the writer’s fee. Just film an hour of Megan Fox running around nude. (After all, we seem to see she has a price. Why bother with material?) I’m pretty sure the crew could have wrapped that up in a day. Turn it around and release it in theaters as quickly as possible. (There is no off season for horny guys.)

Don’t let pirates get the drop on you. Have the DVD and Internet download ready within two weeks after theatrical. Bam! New business model for success. (Oh, unless you’re Diablo Cody. May as well get used to this now. Come up with some alternatives for employment. Maybe you can still dance at some strip club somewhere?)

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