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Charlton Heston Won’t Become Soylent Green…

Heston passed away at age 84. Many tried to pidegon hole him as the star of religous-themed films. I always thought of him more as Mr. Science Fiction.

In my ever impressionable youth he starred in Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, The Omega Man (my favorite) and of course, Soylent Green. His body of work was really spread over all genres though.

He was in the excellent Film Noir, Touch of Evil. He starred in a few westerns including the great, but overlooked Major Dundee, from Sam Peckinpah. Midway, was just one of his war films. I’m pretty sure he touched on everything, except comedy. (Although some may debate that when they look at the disaster films he was in. The exception being Two-Minute Warning, which was a weird crime/disaster hybrid.)

He gave each film the same effort, or over-effort as some have noted, but I usually enjoyed the performances regardless. As he got older I think a lot of us looked forward to the hamminess of a Heston appearance.

I’ll miss him, as I miss all of his generation, and the one that followed, as they slowly disappear. It used to be that stars like him, Newman and Eastwood could do a little of every kind of movie and they just took their persona with them to each. I would say that there are some truly great actors today who immerse themselves in parts, but when the last is gone, I will breathe a sigh as those personalities are lost. 


2 Responses to “Charlton Heston Won’t Become Soylent Green…”

  1. It’s a shame , THE OMEGA MAN has gone ,left us …R I P Chuck

  2. “YOU DIRTY APE!!!”….***croaks***

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