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The Godzilla That Could Have Been…

If you cringed more than a little bit at the Matthew Broderick-starring American-ized Godzilla, then this is a small chance to view the country’s potential redemption. This guy has found the originally proposed script for the project and taken it upon himself to illustrate it. (As time permits apparently.)

Kind of a facinating “what-if” scenario played out for the public to view and comment on. (I’m not saying that this artist has the visual eye of Spielberg or Raimi, but on a pure story level you should be able to make a decision if this was better than what you got. Besides, let’s face it, this guy has an unlimited budget.)

It makes one wonder if this treatment couldn’t be applied to other screenplays that never made it or that another version took its place. (I’m thinking of things like the Ridley Scott/Arnold Schwartzenegger version of I Am Legend that never made it for budgetary reasons.) There’s plenty more out there I would be curious to see and if the art was good enough, I’d pay for it.

One Response to “The Godzilla That Could Have Been…”

  1. Personally, I think Godzilla belongs in the B-movie category and it should stay there with the cheesy plot, actor in a ridiculous looking suit and the audio out of sync with the lips. I enjoy it so much more as a nostalgic indulgence of days gone by rather than looking forward to a possible CG version (wait.. I might be on to something), or another attempt at “capturing the essense of Godzilla” by Hollycouldawoulda.

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