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Automatons = Terminator done in 1959


Automatons is an indie SF/Horror flick. Done in black & white, it brings back a time when kids used to stay up late at night on Friday or Saturday to watch fright films.

Despite the old-school Dalek look to the protagonists, the set dressing, lighting, gore effects and message behind the thrills betray a more serious intent from the creators here. Still the juxtaposition of modern sensibilities with vintage setting makes this a dicey proposition for most folks. It’s hard to create a cult film on purpose. Often they just turn out cheesey and become a guilty pleasure for some at best. Nevertheless, the behind-the-camera talent bares watching for something potentially substantial in the future.

3 Responses to “Automatons = Terminator done in 1959”

  1. […] (BIG CED) wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. That is a fantastic shot! It makes me curious about the film. I might have to check that one out.

  3. Yes, this has a real David Lynch feel to it. The DVD is available and there have been screenings at some art houses around the country.

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