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Archive for March 2008

Waiting for The Venture Bros. to Return…

March 31, 2008

Something to while away the time until The Venture Brothers return in June. (Wow, that’s a long wait in between seasons. But, it’s totally worth it.) Click on the picture to enbiggen.

A Pill for How We All Feel, Now and Again…

March 31, 2008

Going Down to South Park…

March 27, 2008

If you just can’t get enough South Park on Comedy Central or in syndication then have I got the place for you! South Park Studios is a free online venue that has all 12 seasons of the show available for viewing. This is possibly the biggest blow to workplace production since outside company e-mail was […]

Automatons = Terminator done in 1959

March 27, 2008

Automatons is an indie SF/Horror flick. Done in black & white, it brings back a time when kids used to stay up late at night on Friday or Saturday to watch fright films. Despite the old-school Dalek look to the protagonists, the set dressing, lighting, gore effects and message behind the thrills betray a more […]

Illustration, Art or Both?

March 21, 2008

I’ve always contended that the lines between Illustration (Commercial Art) and Fine Art is extremely blurred at best. They seem to take from one another on a regular basis over the last 100 years or so.  This is something I fought over with more than a few instructors while working my way to a Bachelor’s […]


March 14, 2008

Comic shops as a business are just not very…business-like. You will hear owners complain about customer loyalty, but then not really do anything to inspire such. For example: The shop I frequent is part of chain that covers ‘The Valley of the Sun’. Yet it’s headquarters/main super-store are located in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix. […]

Just What Gotham City Needs…

March 2, 2008

Perhaps in the seedier areas downtown and definitely next to Police HQ.