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Is Diablo Cody the next Mira Sorvino?

Y’know how every year there’s certain awards at the Oscars where you scratch your head?  (More than usual when it come to how the academy votes.) That nominee that didn’t quite fit and then they actually get the statue? (And then within a few years the best that comes from them is a guest star part on Rescue Me or some such.)

That’s where Diablo Cody comes in this year. The academy thought that they had to throw a couple of bones to ‘independent film’. Juno couldn’t be farther from it really. (Fer chrissakes it was directed by Ivan Reitman’s son! The only thing that would be worse is if it had been Michael Eisner’s. It was just low budget so that the old man could get his kid a job.)

When she got up and said,”This is for the writers”, I almost gagged. She was one of the biggest tools, being used by the producers during the WGA strike. It was so, “Hey, play ball with us and see what we can do for you”. 

Also, I’m tired of the trading on an alleged sexy past to call attention to herself. That’s supposed to explain the tacky outfit that kept threatening to flash her snatch? And then in a self aware moment she covers herself up with the awards envelope? 

At least past writers used the controversy of their work to call attention to themselves. Somehow, making yourself the center of attention doesn’t convince me of the genius in your screenplays.

So, set your watches and let’s see how soon before she’s stuck writing an episode of Nip/Tuck to make a paycheck. 

2 Responses to “Is Diablo Cody the next Mira Sorvino?”

  1. This has really nothing to do with the topic but I just thought I’d mention – RESCUE ME IS AWESOME!!! Well, as awesome as Dennis Leary can get, that is!

  2. But yeah, the stripper turned screenwriter is a bit of a stretch… mark, which she’s probably riddled with!! ;P

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