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WANTED won’t feel the love this Summer…

I’m rather suprised that this film got pushed back to an early summer release. Perhaps the thinking is that this will capitalize on the other comic-oriented films following it. However, if you’re familiar with the book it is based on then the trailer alone will make you cringe.

All of the Super-Hero aspect of it has been gutted. Maybe the production company was afraid of lawsuits as the characters were pretty transparent versions of DC’s stable. But, if that’s really the case then why wasn’t the book similarly attacked when it was published? That’s right, it’s a parody. Apparently the very thing that made the book interesting and somewhat original is of no use to film. This would be because they know entertainment so well. So well that they would purchase the rights to a book but then only utilize its most pedestrian aspects to serve as fodder for a film. Brilliant!

This is not the first time this has happened, and certainly to greater literary works than that of Mark Millar. However, if history has shown us anything it’s that nobody pays attention to history in hollywood. (Or many other places, like politics for instance, but I digress…)

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