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Why aren’t Horror Movies Scary Anymore?


Nobody tries, there’s no sense of dread. Just the cinematic equivalent of “BOO! occassionally and the dwelling on torture and suffering. When horror movies have an upswing in popularity, that usually means that something is eating away at society and somehow this genre has found a way to depict it in a way that the audience can deal with it and overcome.

So, I guess torture is standing in for enduring the spectre of terror in our new daily lives. (Even though most of the spectre here in the U.S. has been brought about by the people who say they’re protecting us. Come to think of it, most of the reports of actual torture seem to lead to those people also.)

I can see the metaphor and it’s not too subtle. It strikes me as the work of lazy film makers. It’s time to move on kids, we’re on to your scam. Hopefully Cloverfield will live up to the hype and bring back scares, and monsters, and dread. (We’ll see. They’ve set the bar kinda high for themselves.) 

One Response to “Why aren’t Horror Movies Scary Anymore?”

  1. omg! i totally agree! horror movie these days are not scary anymore! more and more directors & producers are making so much remakes of classic asian horror. i guess they are getting lazy these days.

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