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I’m Already Sick of Diablo Cody…

No, I haven’t seen Juno, and I doubt that I will. Still, the hype on this chick is already on overkill. She used to be a stripper, (oooohhhhh! Does that mean that Jenna Jameson is ready to take meetings with Tom Hanks and Ron Howard?) she wrote a book about it, she came up with a ‘cool’ pen name, now she doesn’t want to talk about stripping, she’s written one indie movie with good buzz (at a time when there’s a lot of crap out), she was instantly crowned one of Entertainment Weekly’s pop culture commentators, (just like Stephen King!) oh, and my god! she has other scripts and they’ve been optioned!!! (Although the early reviews are not too good on them compare to this first one.)

She’s stated that she wants to be the female Tarantino. Did anyone really know anything about Tarantino before Reservoir Dogs burst on the scene? No. That’s why he made such an impact as writer/director/perfomer. (OK, not so much on performer, but you see where I’m going here.) With the hype she currently has, there’s no way her debut feature as a director (if she gets it) will match up to it. For that matter, her next scripts won’t even match up to the hype.

Don’t believe it? Talk to Joe Eszterhas or Shane Black. Those guys used to be king shit of writers respectively. They had hype and got blasted for their sophmore efforts, but they could play the game and kept on doing it,…until they couldn’t. Eventually, tastes change, (That can be the public’s or the writer’s. Remember, Black wanted to kill Riggs in Lethal Weapon II.) or at least studio regimes do.

You have to be really on your game as a writer, a director, and a politician. Hell, after the year that Tarantino had, he may not even be up to it anymore. So please; enough with cramming this ‘next big thing’ down the public’s throats. Don’t you (as in Hollywood Studios) have something more important to do? Like take care of the other writers who won’t play ball with you, and are currently on strike. You know, the ones that make up 99.9% of the output you so lovingly call product and manages to make CEOs obscenely rich. The ones you can’t spare any more money for even though profits continue to increase? Yeah, those people. And after that you can get started with SAG and the DGA, because they’re lining up right behind those other folks.

2 Responses to “I’m Already Sick of Diablo Cody…”

  1. Some media critic — I can’t recall who just at this moment — was recently bemoaning his belief that Diablo Cody (God, that’s such a pretentious pen name ) would be robbed by the WGA strike of her glorious and well-deserved moment to walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

    Gimme a break. You’re correct: Tarantino, Black … and, oh, remember when Hillary Henkin was the flavor of the month. Whatever happened to her?

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