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CLOVERFIELD Monsters Revealed!!!

Cloverfield Creatures

I was doing some idle looking around and happened to find this on a Spanish Flickr site. It’s no longer there, so don’t look for it. However, I was able to capture this for us all to check out.

7 Responses to “CLOVERFIELD Monsters Revealed!!!”

  1. Oooooooooo! You’re gonna piss off a lot of Cloverfield investigators with that picture! I’ve heard how much time people have invested in researching and gathering clues to figure out exactly what is attacking the city in that trailer. You might be opening a can of worms and spoiling people’s fun! I hope it is true because then at least I know what to look forward to when I watch the movie in theatres instead of being let down, only to find out all the commotion was from a mutated crab who’s pissed off for being boiled alive by humans for decades! He’s come to get his revenge for the mass genocide of his species! HAAAA!

  2. Well, I was hoping to show people that there actually was a payoff to this thing. There were lots of comparisons to Blair Witch and I didn’t want people to get the impression that everything was going to be left to their imagination at the end. I personally like the idea of a big monster movie told from a personal perspective. Budget-wise it’s genius and light years beyond the other film this idea sounds similar too. (M.N.S’s “Signs”.)

  3. That’s just a fan drawing of what it might look like not the real depiction

  4. That first creature is from Final Fantasy X…

  5. fake…. The first one is the whaleberead from final fantasy X and the second monster is from discovery channels insects things

  6. I saw Cloverfield today and loved it.The Alien is 20,30 stories tall and mean as hell with 2 eyes a nasty mouth with teeth and long ass arms.Good entertainment,go see.The Blair Witch effect wears off than its fun

  7. the movie sucked at the start i was just about to turn it off when the creature attacked. i got some questions though, like was it an alien or sea creature? did they destroy it or is it still on a rampage? the movie was awsome until the end i hate endings like that i mean it might just be me but i think the ending was terrible, but the rest of the movie was awsome. if you find out anymore please inform

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