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I’m constantly amazed at the depths humans can sink to.

In my years I’ve seen an amazing amount of splattery, wet and sometimes just depraved films and television. Couple that with some black humor of sometimes questionable taste and you’d think I would be pretty hardened to things by now.

I grew up with a family that hunted and fished,…a lot. So I’ve see real blood are gore. I’ve seen some bad situations that involved people and sampled grue on that level too. The thing with people is that you’re so busy trying to help contain the damage there is no time to think or process the scene until later. There’s a certain hardening of a person that occurs there also. (And it also serves to clear up how f**ked-up one would have to be to confuse REAL violence and anything else that proposes to depict violence.)

However, now I sometimes find it difficult just to watch the news or check the CNN website for information. The stories seem to attack me like a sledgehammer to the head. Incredible, horrendous things directed at children (infants often) and animals, damaged and maimed veterans coming home to find some help for their condition only to be ignored by the government that brought them into harm’s way in the first place. (…and probably left to add to the growing number of the nation’s homeless)

Often the stories don’t have or need pictures and I can’t read more than a quick synopsis before I have to leave. Some stories stay with me for days and I can’t shake what could possibly have caused someone to perform such an unimaginable act of cruelty or brought about such a void of compassion.

I certainly understand the notion of “happy” news or concentrating on some hollow celebrity. I don’t condone it, but I understand it. It’s a combination of psychology (Dear God, we don’t want the viewers to commit suicide!) and ratings. What if the news organizations turned all of these horrible stories into a way of making things better though? What if they used them as cannon fodder to bombard the law makers, the judges, the police, the mayors, governors, senators, congressmen, and inhabitants of the white house to change things. Maybe instead of voting for pay increases and wasting time labeling radio hosts as unpatriotic (Yes Rush is a Republican Tool, but don’t waste the taxpayer’s money pointing out the obvious.) they could actually improve things.

I doubt it though. Instead, we’ll all have to trudge through more daily horror. (The real kind, not something like a film that would probably take priority in congress or the senate.) At least until we decide to take action ourselves and show the politicians just how useless they really are.

One Response to “THE HORROR, THE HORROR…”

  1. I hate the news because of the focus on all the negative in the world. Only occasionally do they air a positive story amidst the pervasive horror. Unfortunately, with the dawn of HD, I found myself watching more and more, albeit unintentionally, due to the high definition picture on my Pioneer Plasma HDTV. It’s hard to turn away from its crystal clear beauty that provides hours of ocular joy to ogle!

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